Maple takes a breath of fresh air. It had to be done and he did it.
Philippe Mollé / Le Devoir

It is fine, unctuous, with a good milk taste like in the past.
What subtlety, a true delight !

Thierry Debeur, Guide Debeur

Hudson Ice Cream : a taste of terroir
Jim Duff, Hudson Gazette

The Maple aficionados will want definitely to taste the Maple crunch flavour.
Marie-Josée Lacroix, Le Bel Âge

Hudson ice creams are featuring unctuosity, generosity and terroir roots. A winning combination orchestrated by a fan of artisanal ice cream, coming from the marketing world
Sophie Suraniti, Châtelaine

Fresh cream, maple syrup and many, many maple syrup clusters : Hudson ice cream is a pure sin designed by Jean-Pierre Martel, a new member of the « Créatifs de l’érable » club.
Yannick Villedieu, L’Actualité

Maple syrup-sweetened, Hudson ice cream is the all-season ice cream that’s always great to serve and have as a dessert at home.
Jean-Pierre Coallier, Radio-Classique

(live tasting)
It’s unbelievable, it’s out of this world !, I mwas really not expecting this, I’m going to dine on ice cream tonight…
Véronique Cloutier, Rythme FM

I fell in love with Hudson ice cream. The lesser ingredients, the better it is…
Alex Perron, Rythme FM